Expertise in medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare documentation and advertising is what sets us apart. Our high degree of success in this very specialized domain is predicated on years of experience, meticulous attention to detail, and absolute discretion. Our background and knowledge, gleaned from years of working on pharmaceutical product launches and campaigns in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, enables us to get right to work creating the informational pieces you need, without  costly time delays to accommodate a difficult learning curve. Our clients include major advertising agencies representing the world's largest multinational pharmaceutical companies. 


detail aids              
journal ads
slide kits/speakers' guides
symposium highlights
patient information
"dear doctor" letters
continuing medical/health education


business plans
annual reports
press releases

Editing  Services

In addition to our accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry, our extensive experience in corporate and business writing has led to success that affects our clients' bottom line.

By zeroing in on the most salient points and giving them the perfect spin, we ensure that your product never gets lost in the shuffle. Whether you're looking for a business plan to get you started, an annual report to keep your investors happy or a press release, ad or newsletter to spread the word, we've got what it takes to help you grow.